Our Services

Services we provided for the customer:

The services provided by our company (Shihana Kuwait Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning Company) include periodical and emergency maintenance as follows:

  • Comprehensive examination for air conditioning equipment, identifying the breakdowns if any and determining the efficiency periodically.
  • Periodical examination of external and internal engines and its attachments with maintaining its efficiency.
  • Ensuring the good performance of compressor in order to reach the required cooling ability.
  • Maintaining the basis on which the compressor is installed for the prevention of any vibrations which may damage the engine or compressor.
  • Maintaining the good performance and executing the maintenance of fans.
  • Examination of air filters and all devices as well as ensuring its integration and good performance.
  • Cleaning and washing air filters, evaporator coyle and condenser coyle.
  • Examining, cleaning and repairing all electrical circuits and ensuring its good performance.
  • Periodical cleaning and examination of control circuits and ensuring its integration.
  • Examining the belts, replacing and adjusting its tightness.
  • Examining the gas cycle and filling when necessary, measuring its compression and its quantity and adjusting its level with ensuring it is not leaked.
  • Cleaning the cooling circuits and its filters.
  • Cleaning the drainage pipes of air conditioning.
  • Greasing and oiling the mobile devices.
  • Supplying and installing all original spare parts.
  • Converting the work of devices in the winter from cooling to heating and vice versa in the summer if provided.
  • Examining the engines, pre-operation inspection and periodical maintenance.
  • Numbering the air conditioning units in order to facilitate and accelerating the maintenance process.
  • Submitting technical report on the condition of devices.
  • Providing the customer with technical report after every visit.
  • Developing maintenance program for the devices as per the specification of the manufacturer.
  • Most competitive prices.

Hotline contact us:  94444997