About Us

Shihana Company

Shihana Kuwait Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning Company.

is one of Shihana Kuwait Companies group. As we has Real Estate Company specialized in the management of third party's property management and since we faced problems in the air conditioning maintenance, the lack of the spare parts, non-commitment of timelines, the failure to commit to the contracts of air conditioning maintenance and the insufficiency of periodical preventive maintenance, it was necessary to establish a company specialized in the air conditioning maintenance in order to give the basic interest to the distinctive service, good maintenance, provision of original spare parts and meeting timelines precisely. In this regard, we relied upon specialized team work at highest level of competence, experience and proficiency at work..

Mission & Vision

The work for the customer's convenience is our concern, so we employed a specialized, skilled and trained team work with highly competence and experience including administrative staff or technicians. Also, Shihana Kuwait Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning Company ensures that its prices are the best and always cheaper as compared to the technical specifications and the quality of the spare parts provided.

Hotline contact us:  94444997